Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marc Emery Farewell Tour coming to Langley

I am pleased to announce that I am putting together a Marc Emery Farewell Tour appearance in Langley.

Marc ran in the same riding that I did, Fort Langley-Aldergrove, in 2005 for the Marijuana party. It would be cool to have a tour stop in Langley, and our options are to have it in somebody's backyard or perhaps in a park. Marc will give a speech and hang out with everyone, and we can give him a fine farewell before he leaves to serve his prison term.

If you have a large yard and would like to host this event, please email me at traviserbacher@gmail.com or message me on facebook to let me know. If we can't find a good place for a private event we can find a park to host it in.

Join my facebook group "Langley Residents for Drug Policy Reform", as I will send out updates through that group as well as to my email list.

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