Friday, May 29, 2009

Making my mark

So I was reading the local papers today and I was very happy with the Letter to the Editor pages of both The Advance and The Times.

Last week there were that series of homophobic letters I referenced earlier, as well as two ridiculous religious rants. There was also a number of 'tough on crime'/anti-legalization letters.

Normally these go unanswered, or are supported by more rabid religious/prohibitionist people.

Lately, things have been different though. Every letter in favor of prohibition is being answered right away. And now the same is being done to the religious nutjobs who dont believe in evolution or genetics.

Here is my letter responding to a charge that "programmed atheism" and the theory of evolution is responsible for Bin Laden calling us 'infidels'. I recommend reading the first one because it is quite funny.

Here is another one, in response to Mike Harvey(who believes in ghosts and angels and things of that nature). 'There is no higher power'

Here is a letter on the border and prohibition.

Interesting to note that The Times today had a opinion piece from Abbotsford saying Tim Felger is an idiot, but prohibition isnt working so it's time to legalize. Nice to see someone in the media seperating the idea of legalization from the few morons in the legalization movemnet who just cause problems for attention. Tim Felger is not a representative of the movement, I hope you all know that.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Absolutely Sickening...

It never ceases to amaze me how many despicable bigots live around here. I literally felt sick to my stomach reading the recent wave of anti-gay letters to the editor in The Langley Advance. Of course the leader of the pack (they attack in a group, like wolves, strength in numbers makes them feel justified in their hatred) was Ron Gray, former leader of the National Socialist...I mean... Christian Heritage party (Heil!Heil!Heil! A nice clean white Christian country! Heil!).

Im so glad that there are people like Mr.Gray though. If it weren't for people so stupid that they think genetics is a big atheist conspiracy, people might take the Christian right seriously. That is why, however, I completely defend Mr.Grays right to be a bigot. The maniacs on the fringe should be allowed to speak their mind if for no other reason than they only hurt their efforts. Besides, if they are allowed to speak out we can tell who they are, and it is good to identify such people. I'm surprised Mr.Gray hasn't crossed the wrong person yet. Can't say I won't smile when he does.

It's fascinating how people can completely ignore all reason, science, and facts, in order to believe something so ridiculous.

I won't link to the uncensored letter, but Here is a response that absolutely breaks my heart.

Here is my letter in The Advance about the Conservative attack ads on Michael Ignatieff and the upcoming election

Sunday, May 17, 2009


This story is unbelievable...

"This is the way the world ends
This is the way the the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang, but a whimper."

T.S. Eliot - "The Hollow Men"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things just keep getting better..

So Jane Sterk, BC Green Leader, called me today to thank me for running and inform me that she wants me to be involved with the Green Strategic Planning Committee. So I basically will be working on policy and how to effectively convey our message, which is what I have always wanted to do. Thank you to Jane for the opportunity!Unfortunately I can't make the AGM as I cant take the time off work, but I am very excited to help in any way I can towards the 2013 election!

Some analysis of my candidacy

Here is some analysis on my campaign from Matthew Claxton's blog:

"The two interesting people to watch will be Travis Erbacher of the Greens, at 19 the youngest candidate in the race, and Jordan Braun of the B.C. Refed Party. Will Erbacher make a significant dent in Chaddock-Costello's numbers? Will Braun get a few hundred protest votes from right-of-centre voters who don't like the carbon tax? Their numbers will be an interesting straw poll on the level of dissatisfaction with both the NDP and the Liberals as the natural governing parties of B.C.

"In Fort Langley-Aldergrove, Travis Erbacher made a pretty good impression for a 19-year-old; he could have the makings of a long term political career, assuming the Greens ever get into power at any level."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Sign Outside My Work

This is kind of cool. I was also endorsed by the Georgia Straight, Marc told me last night. Not bad.

An end and a beginning...

Thank you to all of my supporters, my family, my friends, co-workers and boss, Marc and Jodie Emery, Jane Sterk, and the Green Party of BC. This has been an unbelievable learning experience for me, and it is a great starting point for my political career. The tide will turn my friends, this is not the end of the fight, and I will never give up. I managed to get over 1600 people in Fort Langley-Aldergrove to vote for me, and that is huge for a controversial young man like myself, running in a highly conservative riding.

In the next four years I hope to remain a noteworthy figure in local politics. I am going to arrange a number of protests whenever they are necessary with regards to the environment, transportation, drug policy and gang violence, and social justice. I will be an activist until the next campaign. If anyone is interested in the activities of my activist group, please post some ideas and join my facebook group: "Langley Residents for Drug Policy Reform". My new project is to get a website up and running and connecting with local progressive drug policy archives and group networks to arrange a more cohesive outlet for fighting against this civil war called "The war on drugs".

I hope anyone who voted for me who reads this will keep in touch. The beautiful thing about the Green Party is that we have the facts on our side, and we function not as a rigid party of smooth talking insiders, but as a grassroots network of socially conscious people. Each and every one of you who voted Green are as important to this community and planet as me, or any other candidate. I will not let you down, and never stop fighting for freedom, sustainability, and electoral system reform.

Peace and love,