Friday, August 7, 2009

What the world would look like if we listened to the anti-war left

-Saddam Hussein would have annexed Kuwait in 1991 and would now be in possession of a vast weapons arsenal, possibly including the threat of nuclear arms through which he could blackmail the entire region

-Saddam Hussein and his thugs would still own Iraq and it's oppressed masses, and he would be their supreme dictator, as opposed to six feet under, where he is now and where he belongs.

-This means that a significant amount of the worlds oil would be under Saddams control.

-The people of Kurdistan as well as their peoples resistance would be still under threat of genocide from Hussein

-The Taliban would still be in control of Afghanistan

-Osama Bin Laden would still be their most welcome guest, kicking back and relaxing in his safe haven, Taliban controlled Afghanistan.

-Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia would be pursuing war with Iraq to do overthrow Saddam and take their respective areas and resources that they desire. The Kurds would be not only under threat from the man who committed a genocide against them, Saddam Hussein, but they would be threatened by the invading powers.

-The pro-western election results around the middle east, first in Lebanon and then in Iran, would likely not have taken place. This is partially due to President Obama, and partially due to the fact that a democratic and somewhat stable Iraq is now a reality.

As Christopher Hitchens stated in his debate with that despicable, disgusting fool George Galloway: "If I had the political record that the anti-war left had, I would be VERY modest"

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