Friday, October 30, 2009

Three new pieces...

Well I have pretty much given up on updating this blog regularly, as you no doubt can tell. I have been extremely busy with third year classes, more responsibility at work, and all of the issues surrounding Marc Emery and David Malmo-Levine's jailing...

However, I do have two letters and one featured opinion piece that I have contributed in the past week.

The first, which can be viewed here, is my assessment of US President Barack Obama's decision to no longer prosecute medical marijuana users, as well as the possibility that the US will legalize cannabis before Canada.

The second, here, is my response to a prohibitionist letter that says legalization will increase crime. How anyone can still believe that at this point is beyond me. It really is sad how one sided this argument is...

The third is an opinion piece for the University of Guelph's independant student newspaper, 'The Ontarion'. I responded with an online comment to a piece saying that Salvia is the new drug threat and the new hot party drug. They asked me to write an opinion piece and the first comment seems to be positive. You can read my piece here.

I am particularly proud of the last one. I can't believe that anyone would want to give gangs yet another resource to exploit.

Please go to and read up on what YOU can do to FREE MARC EMERY. Also now we must show our support for David Malmo-Levine, who has been sentenced to 6 months in jail for running the Herb School and Museum of Drugwar History. I recommend you search youtube for 'Drugwar walking tour' or David's name and see what the tour consisted of.

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