Thursday, April 9, 2009

Early success?

So I have 105 signatures and I require minimum 75 to secure my nomination, so things are going well. The NDP has not designated a candidate and it looks as if they may be in disarray, which would be a tremendous boost for the Greens. I will be on CBC radio sometime next week, I'll direct you all to the link to the archive once I know it is up. I read my poem "Reflection" which was cool, it gives the people greater insight into me personally.

I feel like such a narcissist since the campaign started, im seeing my name everywhere and reading about myself, I hope it doesnt go to my head hehe.

Im very excited, this is a dream of mine and I think I have a shot at shaking things up in this election and helping young people feel more important. Young people can make a difference!

I'd like to again thank Windsong for the incredible 45 signatures! I am going to write a poem for you all to express my gratitude! Your generosity is beautiful and inspirational!

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