Saturday, April 25, 2009


My Eagles selected Missouri Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin in the first round, providing yet another speedy big time target to pair with Desean Jackson. I like the look of the upgraded O-Line, and I love the pick of such a speedy playmaker. Im looking forward to this football season, the Eagles are going to do some damage.

Unfortunately my Flyers were knocked out today by the Penguins. Off to work tonight, then preparing tomorrow for the LTA meeting on Monday. I'm going to take steal the night, sorry Ms. Chaddock-Costello.


Boywithnosmell said...

The Eagles are the team that are always "on the brink" I hope they finally break through this year.

Sorry about your flyers...the Penguins are beasts. You rooting for the Sixers? If they beat the magic I think I'll eat my own poo.

Also, it looks like you're doing some great work. Are you promoting the legalization of marijuana? Seems like you're taking it really seriously. I've been kind of "in communicado" for a while so I'm just now catching up.

Er-rocker said...

Yeah im running for the Green Party of BC in the provincial election!

And im not much for basketball tbh. I've just always cheered for Philly teams. I love the eagles chances now that they have 2 legit young receivers plus Curtis at the slot, which is where he belongs. I love the pic of Lesean McCoy in the second as well. VERY good draft for my birds :)