Friday, April 24, 2009

You say one issue, I say big picture

So Frank Bucholtz, editor of the Langley Times and noted Liberal supporter and prohibitionist has tried to paint me as a one issue candidate, despite the fact that Transit has been my main priority thus far. His editorial is Here

My response:

In The Langley Times (April 24) Editor Frank Bucholtz characterized me as a one issue candidate, and I must correct this. Yes it is true, I am an activist who has dedicated a significant part of my young life to fighting what I view to be unjust laws. I would hardly characterize myself as a one issue candidate however, and feel Mr.Bucholtz is being very unfair.

Since this campaign has started, the 3 issues most people are concerned with are the economy, the environment, and crime. By repealing the prohibition of cannabis (which the Canadian Senate recommended in 1972) we would take huge amounts of money out of the hands of criminal organizations and the problem of innocent bystanders being shot would disappear. Simultaneously the government would see huge amounts of revenue come from the taxation of cannabis which could be used to help those who have been neglected under the Liberal government, such as BC students, particularly those with special needs. When FDR came to power in the United States he repealed prohibition of alcohol because they could no longer afford it in tough economic times, and the time has come to do the same for cannabis. Since crime and the economy are the top issues I hardly see myself as a one issue candidate, as the repealing of prohibition is simply one part of a comprehensive solution to solve BC’s problems, and it is all part of the big picture view of the BC Green Party.

It hurts to think outside the box, and it is certainly human nature to not want to admit one has made a mistake, especially when that mistake goes on for 100 years in the case of prohibition or 8 years in the case of climate change. I will be presenting my comprehensive vision at the Langley Teachers Association issues night at the Chief Sepass theatre at the Langley Fine Arts School. I would invite all concerned citizens out to the event to see that I am in fact not a one issue candidate.

Travis Erbacher
Green Candidate, Fort Langley-Aldergrove

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