Friday, May 29, 2009

Making my mark

So I was reading the local papers today and I was very happy with the Letter to the Editor pages of both The Advance and The Times.

Last week there were that series of homophobic letters I referenced earlier, as well as two ridiculous religious rants. There was also a number of 'tough on crime'/anti-legalization letters.

Normally these go unanswered, or are supported by more rabid religious/prohibitionist people.

Lately, things have been different though. Every letter in favor of prohibition is being answered right away. And now the same is being done to the religious nutjobs who dont believe in evolution or genetics.

Here is my letter responding to a charge that "programmed atheism" and the theory of evolution is responsible for Bin Laden calling us 'infidels'. I recommend reading the first one because it is quite funny.

Here is another one, in response to Mike Harvey(who believes in ghosts and angels and things of that nature). 'There is no higher power'

Here is a letter on the border and prohibition.

Interesting to note that The Times today had a opinion piece from Abbotsford saying Tim Felger is an idiot, but prohibition isnt working so it's time to legalize. Nice to see someone in the media seperating the idea of legalization from the few morons in the legalization movemnet who just cause problems for attention. Tim Felger is not a representative of the movement, I hope you all know that.

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