Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Absolutely Sickening...

It never ceases to amaze me how many despicable bigots live around here. I literally felt sick to my stomach reading the recent wave of anti-gay letters to the editor in The Langley Advance. Of course the leader of the pack (they attack in a group, like wolves, strength in numbers makes them feel justified in their hatred) was Ron Gray, former leader of the National Socialist...I mean... Christian Heritage party (Heil!Heil!Heil! A nice clean white Christian country! Heil!).

Im so glad that there are people like Mr.Gray though. If it weren't for people so stupid that they think genetics is a big atheist conspiracy, people might take the Christian right seriously. That is why, however, I completely defend Mr.Grays right to be a bigot. The maniacs on the fringe should be allowed to speak their mind if for no other reason than they only hurt their efforts. Besides, if they are allowed to speak out we can tell who they are, and it is good to identify such people. I'm surprised Mr.Gray hasn't crossed the wrong person yet. Can't say I won't smile when he does.

It's fascinating how people can completely ignore all reason, science, and facts, in order to believe something so ridiculous.

I won't link to the uncensored letter, but Here is a response that absolutely breaks my heart.

Here is my letter in The Advance about the Conservative attack ads on Michael Ignatieff and the upcoming election

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